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Metropolis Elektro

A unique experience
blending a brilliant historical film
with an eclectic score
that transcends musical boundaries.

A visually stunning and historically important film. A diverse group of musicians performing a score that spans decades and genres to create an immersive cinematic experience.
Metropolis Elektro is a new work by composers Scott and Amy Faris, a score which is performed live, in sync with the 1927 silent film Metropolis.

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis was a groundbreaking movie, featuring special effects that influenced filmmakers from Alfred Hitchcock to George Lucas. Its array of traditions - Art Deco, futuristic, biblical, and Gothic imagery - has greatly informed the visual art and fashion communities. And its portrayal of the dangers of a dystopian, classist society gives it fresh urgency in a world where such movements as Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring demand our attention.

The Farises’ score accompanies the 2010 Kino Lorber re-release of the film, which is visually much clearer than earlier prints. The 25 minutes of original footage in this release, found and restored only recently, make the plot much clearer as well.

Blending both classically trained and street musicians, Metropolis Elektro is designed to bring together divergent cultures. The score seamlessly weaves together a variety of music: 1920's swing, modern rock, classical, dub step, choral pieces, hip hop, acoustic, industrial, and almost every genre in between.

As the audience enjoys a thought-provoking and beautiful piece of cinematic history, the live soundtrack adds even greater emotional power to the experience. To achieve its broad spectrum of musical styles, Metropolis Elektro uses a rock band, a string quartet, a small choir, a rap artist, and a DJ. Additionally, the score calls for bassoon, flute, trumpet, two guitarists, and two pianists/keyboardists. The composers enjoy being part of the performance, Scott on acoustic and electric guitars and Amy on piano, Fender Rhodes, and keyboard.

The Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock, Texas, was the catalyst for the project. LHUCA asked the Farises to compose a new soundtrack for a silent film to kick off its 2013 Flatland Film Festival series; the composers chose Metropolis and started to work. In March 2013, Metropolis Elektro debuted at LHUCA’s Firehouse Theater and was the first production in LHUCA’s history to sell out two consecutive nights. The community was extremely supportive in underwriting the debut performances.

About Metropolis Elektro - Video

Occasionally you get to witness
artistic ability expressed so elegantly and masterfully that it inspires you to redefine your own approach.
Metropolis Elektro did that for me tonight.
Ryan Summers - Guitarist

Look & Listen

"I feel like I just watched, or rather heard,
Lubbock be everything Austin thinks it is.
More talent and creativity than I have ever seen in a room anywhere.
Frankly I am just stunned.”
Richard King

It was a sell-out both nights,
and people are clamoring for more.
It was a tour de force. The film itself is iconic, and the new music fits every frame. This is performance art.
Connie Goodwin - Violinist, Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

Amy & Scott Faris

A couple that embodies creativity
and brings a unique energy
to every project
they touch.

Amy Faris - pianist and composer of Metropolis Elektro.

Amy Faris


As a teen, Amy studied composition with world-renowned composer Dr. David Kneupper. She received a BFA in Music Composition from Texas Tech University. Amy has toured as a keyboardist for numerous regional bands, played in Lubbock’s famed Cactus Theatre as part of the Texas Rhythm Machine and performed alongside musicians such as Todd Caldwell (Burlap to Cashmere and Crosby, Stills & Nash), Joe Ely, Mac Davis, Richie McDonald, Tom Braxton and Terry Allen.

Amy’s keyboard and piano work, along with her string and horn arrangements, grace numerous CDs, and she has composed and arranged for everything from chamber orchestras and choirs to metal bands and classical guitar. Besides doing session work, Amy maintains a full teaching roster in Lubbock, Texas.

Amy and Scott currently perform with their original rock band Strawberry Crush. They live in Lubbock, Texas with their daughter, Rachel.

Scott Faris, guitarist, composer and producer of Metropolis Elektro.

Scott Faris


Producer, guitarist, and visual artist Scott Faris has spent the last 20 years doing what he loves: creating. The proprietor of FarisWheel Productions, a graphic and web design firm, and the owner of the Amusement Park Recording Studio in Lubbock, Texas, Scott is a veteran of the independent music and art scene. He has toured as the guitarist for 100 Love Sonnets, Meltdown Morning and The Reagan Administration and has played on, recorded and produced hundreds of songs with over 50 albums to his credit.

Scott began his career as a guitar teacher for the world-renowned classical guitarist David Brandon. He later became the Director of Guitar Studies and founder and Co-Director of the Entertainment Business Program at South Plains College (Levelland, Texas), alma mater of Natalie Maines (The Dixie Chicks), Lee Ann Womack and Jedd Hughes. During his tenure at SPC, Scott was instrumental in developing its guitar program and was the founder of AlternaTV, an audition-only, student-led rock band that films a live televised concert monthly.

Lubbock’s premier music couple;
Amy and Scott Faris.
They have already established an
international influence in the industry.
It was beyond incredible.
Scott Mann

Have a question?

Want to learn more about Metropolis Elektro?
Here are answers to the
most common questions we receive.

How did Metropolis Elektro come about?
In 2012, the Flatland Film Festival, sponsored by the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts, wanted a band to perform along with a silent film. LHUCA asked Amy and Scott if they would be interested, initially proposing the film Phantom of the Opera. The Farises excitedly agreed to take on the project but asked if they could change the film to Metropolis.
Why did Amy and Scott choose Metropolis?
When Scott was an undergraduate art student at Texas Tech University, he discovered silent films from the German expressionist movement. These films inspired his visual art and became a formative element in his style. Metropolis was his favorite.
Also, the film’s rhythmic cinematography was a perfect fit for Amy and Scott’s rock aesthetic, and they felt the social messages of the film were still relevant today.
When and where did Metropolis Elektro debut?
Metropolis Elektro debuted March 22 & 23, 2013, in the Firehouse Theatre on the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts (LHUCA) campus in Lubbock, Texas. Both critically acclaimed shows sold out. It was so well received that an encore performance was scheduled October 18, 2013. The encore performance, moved to a larger venue due to audience demand, also sold out, securing Metropolis Elektro's place in LHUCA's history as the only event to sell out every night.
How long did it take to compose Metropolis Elektro?
Amy and Scott spent eight months composing their new score. They began writing music during a retreat to Colorado in July of 2012 and worked through the spring of 2013. They have continued to refine the soundtrack while working on studio recordings of the work.
How many individual pieces of music were composed for Metropolis Elektro?
There are 89 individual pieces in the score of Metropolis Elektro. The genres range from 1920's swing to rock, from dub step to choral pieces, from heavy metal to classical, and almost everything in between.
What is the running time of Metropolis Elektro?
The entire soundtrack, not including a brief intermission and closing credits, is 156 minutes long.
How many musicians are involved in the production?
The debut performances and encore performance included 24 musicians. The ensemble features string quartet, trumpet, flute, bassoon, orchestra percussion, drums, electric bass and contra bass, two guitars, two keyboardists, a DJ, a rapper, and a 8-person choir. A four-person technical crew runs the show. The touring ensemble ranges from 13 to 24 musicians, depending on event logistics.
Isn't there a new version of Metropolis?
Yes! Amy and Scott composed their soundtrack to the new Kino Lorber release of Metropolis (2010). This definitive version includes 25 minutes of previously lost footage that makes both the onscreen images and the storyline much more clear than in earlier releases.
What instruments do Amy and Scott specialize in?
Amy is a classically trained pianist with a degree in music composition from Texas Tech University, though she has spent years touring as a rock keyboardist. Scott is the former Director of Guitar Studies at South Plains College's world-renowned Commercial Music Department. He is also a record producer in Texas with hundreds of credits to his name.
Is there a recording of the soundtrack to Metropolis Elektro available?
Amy and Scott are currently in the studio recording a double album set of the entire score. At the moment, only the the single "I Will Give to You" is available. Individual pieces are scheduled to be released throughout the summer and fall of 2014, with the complete soundtrack releasing sometime in 2015.
Where is it being recorded?
Most of the soundtrack is being recorded at the Amusement Park Recording Studio in Lubbock, Texas. Scott and Amy have owned and operated the studio since 2007.
Who has sponsored Metropolis Elektro?
Some amazing companies have helped Metropolis Elektro come to life. The highlights include Adobe, Guitar Center, The Texas Commission on the Arts, LHUCA, and The Moyers Group. Want to see a complete list of our sponsors? Interested in joining this illustrious list of supporters? Learn more.
I'd like to bring Metropolis Elektro to my community. How do I do it?
Metropolis Elektro is tour ready, and we'd love to bring it to your community! Contact us for more information.
Are Amy and Scott available for speaking engagements?
Yes! Amy and Scott love to present about their work and most recently were keynote presenters at the Texas Tech University Undergraduate Research Conference. Their multimedia presentation is approximately one hour long and includes live performances of many musical examples from the soundtrack. The Farises' talk is a perfect companion to the live performance of the work and can easily be added to an event schedule. Contact us for more information or booking.
What else have Amy and Scott worked on?
Amy and Scott have composed, arranged, recorded, and produced hundreds of tracks for other artists and for bands that they have personally been a part of. They do everything from songwriting to full record production, from string arrangements to jingles.
Their clients include: Warner Bros., Hal Leonard Publications, Mel Bay Publications, Texas State photographer Wyman Meinzer, Jake Kellen, Hannah Jackson (X-Factor finalist), The Cactus Cuties, David Brandon, Christopher Parkening, Cale Richardson (guitarist for the Eli Young Band), Johnny Lee, Cary Banks (The Maines Brothers), Jana Stanfield, Grammy-nominated songwriter Karen Taylor-Good, Compadre Records, Insight Records, Bobby Bookout, Mike Christiansen, The Charlie Shafter Band, Honeybrowne, The Cutthroats, The Prairie Winds Chorus, Andy Eppler, Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing, WestMark Realtors, Pat Ham Realtors, McDougal Realtors, Ballet Lubbock, Texas Tech University, The Thomas Agency, The Price Group, Griffin Wink Advertising, XIT Wireless, Southwest Honda, Smith South Plains, Gone Virtual Studios, Anderson Bros. Jewelers, City Bank, American State Bank, The South Plains Fair, University Medical Center of El Paso, Declaration Entertainment, and many more.
Can I hire Amy and Scott to compose music?
Absolutely! That's what they love to do. Contact them today!

Scott and Amy Faris’s vision and talent have produced an event of extraordinary depth and scale.
It is our sincere wish that this new body of work will inspire and enrich a wide range of audiences for years to come.
Karen Wiley, Executive Director of the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts


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Thank you for showing me what dissolving confining genres looks like. You have created a magic I will never forget.
Hannah Jackson, X-Factor Finalist

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